Updates to the Certified Trainer Program coming September 2016

We are updating our application requirements!

Beginning September 2016, we will be launching new requirements for the Certified Trainer Program. If you plan to apply in October, please do not purchase the Trainer Essentials exams. We recommend that you take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Google Certified Educator Level 2 instead. Also, please continue to check the site for updates as you prepare for the application process. For more information, please see these FAQ’s.

Trainer Exams and Certification

Become a Google for Education Certified Trainer in two steps. First, pass the set of Trainer Essentials exams to prove your product knowledge. Then, apply to the program with evidence of your training experience and skills.

1. Take the Trainer Essentials Exams

Take the Trainer Essentials exams to be recognized for your advanced knowledge in Google Apps for Education, plus one additional product. You can prepare for the exams by learning and practicing the content in the Advanced-level courses. The exams cover content in both the Basics and Advanced sections, so you may need to do some review if you’ve previously skipped the Basics. You’ll receive your Trainer Essentials certificate by passing five exams.

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2. Apply to the Trainer Program

Share your knowledge of Google tools with other educators by becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer. Applications are open four times a year.

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For more information on getting certified, visit the new Trainer Certification page.